JFP for Children

JFP for Children

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Baby body white

Neutral® Fairtrade Judo for Peace white baby body. Metal press buttons at shoulder and bottom. 100 % organic fairtrade cotton.



Kids t-shirt white

Neutral® Fairtrade Judo for Peace Kids classic white T-shirt with a round neck. 100 % fairtrade cotton. Single jersey knit, 155 g/m2. 



Neutral® 100 % orgaaninen puuvilla, paino 210 g/m2. Judo for peace:n logo on painettu reppuun valkoisella. Kiva muisto tapahtumasta! 



Neutral® 100 % orgaaninen puuvilla, paino 120 g/m2. Judo for peace:n logo on painettu kangaskassiin valkoisella. Kiva muisto tapahtumasta! 


The important goal for Judo For Peace organization is also to improve national federations operational reach as well as strengthening educational possibilities with managing and developing the activities of judo, and around judo, at the respective national stages.

By buying official JFP license products you can help to achieve these goals because from every product sail a certain amount of money goes directly to JFP organization´s peace work. Ask more information about JFP Collection or special orders: moreon@moreon.fi, +358 9 6844 9920.

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