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 Judo for Peace pin. Size 19 mm. In a small box. Buy a Judo For Peace pin and you support important youth work.



Judo For Peace cufflinks are silver plated in gift box.


Sport bag

Judo for Peace black sport back bag is 100 % Neutral® organic cotton, weight 210 g/m2. Great gift for Judo lovers.


Cotton bag

Neutral® 100 % orgaaninen puuvilla, paino 120 g/m2. Judo for peace:n logo on painettu kangaskassiin valkoisella. Kiva muisto tapahtumasta! 


One of the JFP´s targets is to generate new funds to Judo for Peace work for acquiring tatamis, judo outfits, organizing and improving local training, hiring premises, developing the overall circumstances of judo – thus creating new ground for young people to focus their interests and energies to judo – instead of sliding into idleness, meaninglessness, anger and complete exclusion and isolation, the most obvious growth platform for violent behavior and extremism.

By buying official JFP license products you can help to achieve these goals because from every product sail a certain amount of money goes directly to JFP organization´s peace work. Ask more information about JFP Collection or special orders: moreon@moreon.fi, +358 9 6844 9920.

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