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Baby body white

Neutral® Fairtrade Judo for Peace white baby body. Metal press buttons at shoulder and bottom. 100 % organic fairtrade cotton.



Mens t-shirt white

Judo for Peace t-shirt. 100% organic Neutral® Fairtrade cotton.  


Ladies t-shirt white

Judo for Peace Neutral® Fairtrade Slightly fitted ladies white t-shirt.100% organic fairtrade cotton. Judo lovers gift.


Mens grey t-shirt

Neutral® Fairtrade Judo for Peace Slightly fitted grey mens t-shirt with a round neck and a inside neck tape. 100% organic fairtrade cotton. SEASON'S SPECIAL OFFER!


Ladies t-shirt grey

Judo for Peace t-shirt for ladies. International Judo Federation logo in the sleeve. Neutral® 100% organic fairtrade cotton. Judo gift. SEASON'S SPECIAL OFFER!


Unisex Jersey Hoodie

Judo for Peace hoodie. Neutral® Fairtrade Judo For Peace - Unisex grey hoodie is 100 % organic cotton


Mens hoodie grey

Judo for Peace grey hoodie with International Judo Federation logo. 100 % organic fairtraid cotton by Neutral®.  SEASON'S SPECIAL OFFER!


Ladies grey hoodie

Neutral® Fairtrade Judo For Peace - Ladies grey hoodie.  100% organic fairtrade cotton.  


JFP grey zip hoodie

Judo for Peace zip grey hoodie with International Judo Federation logoNeutral® Fairtrade. 100% organic fairtrade cotton. SEASON'S SPECIAL OFFER!


Ladies zip hoodie grey

Neutral® Fairtrade JudoForPeace Ladies zip hoodie grey 100% organic fairtrade cottonInternational Judo Federation logo in the left sleeve. SEASON'S SPECIAL OFFER!


College unisex grey

Judo for Peace basic roundneck unisex grey college. Thank you for supporting Judo Youth work.



Judo for Peace black cap.


Basic t-shirt unisex grey

Judo for Peace basic grey, unisex t-shirt. Sizes XS-XXXL. Buy a gift and you support a important youth work.  



It takes a lot more than meets the eye to make genuinely pure 100 % organic Fair Trade cotton. It all depends on:

  • How to Treat the Soil;
  • How to Grow the Seed;
  • How to Reap the Harvest;
  • How to handle the Cotton;
  • How to Pay the Workers;
  • How to Safequard the Climate;
  • How to Pack the Product;
  • How to make the Finished Product available – so that You would be able to Wear it Right Away, with a Good Conscience and with No Fear of ALLERGIC reactions, to wear it with Pride, to spread the Message, to carry the Torch of Peace.

Neutral® wants clothing to matter. They want it to be okay for everyone. Our planet. Farmers. Workers. Us. And you. And, of course, for Judo for Peace ideology and values.

That's why Neutral® is manufactured and certified according to the highest social, ethical and environmental standards in the world. Defined and monitored by external organizations, the certificates guarantee that Neutral® is made with true regard for people and planet.

It’s 100% top quality organic Fairtrade cotton, okay working conditions and eco-friendly products, taking care of biodiversity, local environments and global climate. Ask more information about JFP Collection or special orders: moreon@moreon.fi, +358 9 6844 9920.

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