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Baby body white

Neutral® Fairtrade Judo for Peace white baby body. Metal press buttons at shoulder and bottom. 100 % organic fairtrade cotton.



T-shirt white

Judo for Peace t-shirt. 100% organic Neutral® Fairtrade cotton.  


Ladies t-shirt white

Judo for Peace Neutral® Fairtrade Slightly fitted ladies white t-shirt with a round neck and a inside neck tape. 100% organic fairtrade cotton. Judo lovers gift.


Basic t-shirt unisex grey

Judo for Peace basic grey, unisex t-shirt. Sizes XS-4XL. Buy a gift and you support a important youth work.


28.00 €

College unisex grey Judo for Peace

Judo for Peace basic roundneck unisex dark grey college. Thank you for supporting Judo Youth work.


Mens t-shirt grey

Neutral® Fairtrade Judo for Peace Slightly fitted grey mens t-shirt with a round neck and a inside neck tape. 100% organic fairtrade cotton


Ladies t-shirt grey

Judo for Peace t-shirt for ladies. International Judo Federation logo in the sleeve. Neutral® 100% organic fairtrade cotton. Judo gift.



Judo Unisex Jersey Hoodie

Judo for Peace hoodie. Neutral® Fairtrade Judo For Peace - Unisex grey hoodie is 100 % organic cotton


Hoodie grey

Judo for Peace grey unisex hoodie with International Judo Federation logo. 100 % organic fairtraid cotton by Neutral®.



Ladies grey hoodie

Neutral® Fairtrade Judo For Peace - Ladies grey hoodie100% organic fairtrade cotton.  


JFP grey zip hoodie

Judo for Peace zip grey hoodie with International Judo Federation logo. Neutral® Fairtrade. 100% organic fairtrade cotton.



Ladies zip hoodie grey

Neutral® Fairtrade JudoForPeace Ladies zip hoodie grey100% organic fairtrade cotton. International Judo Federation logo in the sleeve.


Cap Judo for Peace

Judo for Peace black cap. Unisex cap for all. Made of 100 % cotton. Buy and support very important youth Judo for peace work.


Neutral® is 100% top quality organic Fairtrade cotton, okay working conditions and eco-friendly products, taking care of biodiversity, local environments and global climate. Ask more information about JFP Collection or special orders: moreon@moreon.fi, +358 9 6844 9920.

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